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Chapter 12

JayJay wakes up to a sweet soothing scent on a soft makeshift bed of dried hay. "Huh? I can't see...." He tries to move his right hand but couldn't, he tries his left and with painstaking effort manages to move it and finds out that he was covered in bandages including his eyes. As he tries to remove the bandages covering his eyes a small pair of hands stops him.

"You mustn't remove your bandages yet... just stay put and have some rest... you'll be alright here." Comes a soothing sweet voice of a female.

As the sweet scent of room lulled JayJay to sleep he thought "This isn't so bad... if I could just see her face..."

Planet ?????? StarCentury 390 22nd of August

In a secluded area somewhere in the wilderness a figure completely covered in a dark green cloak is looking up at the stars bathed in the soft rays of the moonlit sky.

Three days later....

Meanwhile JayJay wakes up again, this time to a pleasant aroma of porridge. As he sites up he realizes his hands and eyes were still bandaged, but his hands could move more freely now. His first reaction was to take off the bandages that was hindering his eyesight, but thought better of it as "you mustn't remove your bandages yet..." the voice of the female ran through his head and he resided to feel around his surroundings until he found a chair, a table and a bowl of warm porridge next to a window. As JayJay sat down and helped himself to some porridge he felt the warm rays of the morning sun on his body and said out loud to himself...

"I've never known that eating porridge peacefully could be this good!" he says with a chuckle and sighs.

"I was worried that it might not be suited to your tastes." Comes a female voice that JayJay has only heard once before.

"Huh? Whoops!.. whaaa!" comes JayJay's startled outburst as he spooned porridge into his face, and as he tried to wipe it off, he flipped over and fell off his chair.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to startle you... Are you ok?" exclaims the female as she rushed to JayJay's side, and helps him back to bed, then began to wipe his face with a damp cloth.

"How long have I been out." came JayJay's muffled question from under the damp cloth

"Three days since you last awoken." Was the reply. As she began to take off the bandages covering JayJay's eyes. "Your eyes should be ok now, but open them slowly so they can get used to the light.

JayJay opens his eyes a little, shuts them, and then slowly opens them and his vision was engulfed in light. As his vision slowly started to focus, a beautiful female appeared in front of him.

The female smiles and greets JayJay. "I'm Fuji, what's your name?"

"I'm your future husband, you may call me JayJay, but I'ld be very happy if you called me darling." JayJay jokes.

"Oh my... what a daring you man" smiles Fuji bewitchingly "but I might say that I'm no longer single..." she retorts still smiling.

"Ah but you aren't...." replies JayJay "I have a good intuition with beautiful females." He looks around "May I ask the name of this planet? And also, where my ship is and where to get hold of repairs?" JayJay asks.

"I'm sorry, but this planet doesn't have a name, nor does it have any other humans besides you and me." Fuji replies sadly.

"But how can that be that someone as graceful as you is the only human living on this planet?" JayJay asks with a surpried face.

"This planet is used as a large land dump for spaceship junk and wreckage, unfortunately I'm stuck here as the passenger transport I was on was hit badly by an unknown phenomenon, and we had to abandon ship. 7 life pods were launched but unfortunately the one I was on had a thruster failure and crash landed me and 6 other survivors on this planet. The 6 other survivors shortly died after the crash and left me alone on this planet. It's been 3 years and still.. no rescue party has ever appeared."

"Well.... at least now you have me!" chucked JayJay.