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Chapter 1 A dream Ver. 0.02

    In a thick foggy mist there stood a teenage boy. There was nothing else there, just the thick mist, no floors, no walls, no ceiling, and no colors.
    The boy extends out his left hand palm up and slowly moves it in a sideways motion through the mist that was thick enough for him to move with his hands.
    "Too bad that this is a dream, a dream that never changes." the boy muttered while still moving his hands through the mist, he stars walking aimlessly knowing deep down that nothing will come out of it. As he keeps walking, a distant sound slowly becomes louder and closer. "And that's my ticket back." he says in a sarcastic cheerful voice as everything gets engulfed in a white blinding light.

    The distant sound was that of a small digital clock. The alarm clock ran from the desk edge where it stood next to a bed. The bed was in a lightly furnished room. A hand slowly came out from the covers and pushed the clock off the table. The clock fell onto the floor upside down and the alarm stopped, the red numbers that showed 5:50 turned back to green. A figure slowly crawled out from under the cover towards the edge of the bed, and then fell sprawled out on the floor. It was the boy that was in the foggy mist. The boy slowly opened his eyes and then squints as the small sliver of light that escaped the barrier of a worn out dark green curtain that was tightly shut in front of of the window rests on his face. The light was not at all bright but stood out in the completely dark room. The boy got up and went across the room to turn on the TV before heading into the bathroom, the sound of running water started just as the 6 o'clock news started

    The room was one of four on the second story of a house that bore a coat of faded light blue paint, though at the moment everything was covered in a thick layer of snow. There were no houses for 3 lots to the left of the house, to the back of the house is a large hill over looking the town. To the right of the house is a dirt path connecting the large hill to the road in front of the house, and more trees. In the front of the house is a fair sized park complete with the usual sandbox, swings, pull-up bars of different heights, and even a small water fountain. It was empty though, as it should be at this time in the morning, besides, everything was covered in snow.