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Summer Snow>Space Case> Chapter Selection> Chapter11

Chapter 11

As they charged at each other JayJay jumped on and leapt off a oil barrel sending a flying kick towards PrinceSy, but just at that moment PrinceSy swrung around and dealt a hard punch to JayJay's unprotected right side sending JayJay flying across the bay and crashing into a locker.

''That move won't work on me again'' jeered PrinceSy while flexing his hand

JayJay stood up and dusted himself off ''I see...''he grins'' It wouldn't be as enjoyable if it did''

''Today I will feast on you blood! '' yelled PrinceSy with his face contorted and eyes bulging. He vanished and appeared behind JayJay and sent a hard punch at him but JayJay had already leapt up out of the way and his punch landed on the cement cracking it. He instantly turned around and leapt at JayJay, and exchanged 2 blows, as they landed on the ground he leapt right at JayJay and dealt him a kick that he blocked with both hands but slid back a few feet. ''You and me, we're the same, we both long for the taste of blood and the adrenaline rush of going all out!'' he points at JayJay and shouts'' Come on JayJay show me your full power!''

"Power eh?" Chuckled JayJay "Are you sure you can handle power?" As he began walking towards PrinceSy slowly with his hands limp at his side.

"Ha! give up already?" PrinceSy jeered as he threw out a punch at JayJay. "What the?" JayJay was standing right next to him unscathed. PrinceSy continued throwing out punches and kicks but every time JayJay would be standing right next to it untouched.

"PrinceSy.... you can't beat me..." sighs JayJay as he was getting bored from dodging all of PrinceSy's attacks.

"Ahhh! but the fun begins now!" yells PrinceSy. He takes off his leather jacket and puts it off to the side, picks up 2 metal poles about 2meters in length and throws one to JayJay. "Be ready to die now!" screams PrinceSy as he dashes toward JayJay and attacks him relentlessly from all sides and JayJay barely blocks them at all and is battered around by PrinceSy's attacks.

JayJay goes for a low sweep with his pole for PrinceSy's legs, but PrinceSy jumps. "An opening! DIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!" screams PrinceSy as he brought his pole downwards at JayJay with all his might. *Large crashing sound and smoke with debris flying* When the smoke clears. Both of them are in their stances with their backs facing each other. JayJay is crouched with his pole pointing upwards and PrinceSy is facing foward with his pole leveled and pointing forwards.

JayJay pukes blood and has a bad wound on the right side of his chest bleeding badly. "Cough cough Gasp." He drops his pole and kneels on the floor clutching his chest.

PrinceSy turns around panting and starts laughing "The day has come that I feast on your blood. I've waited 3 years for this. Ha ha ha!" and starts walking towards JayJay. When he reached him and tries to strike him upon the head with the last finishing blow. JayJay suddenly grabs his pole and lunges at PrinceSy, but PrinceSy knocks it out of his hands and strikes JayJay down. "Was that all you got for a pointless last struggle for existence?" queries PrinceSy as he stands over JayJay lying face down in a puddle of his own blood. Suddenly PrinceSy jerks and twitches and explosions of blood appeared all over his body and sprays all over the place. "GASP... how... is.... that.......possible?" pants PrinceSy as he collapses on the ground.

JayJay smiles and slowly struggles into a half standing stance supported by his pole while clutching his badly bleeding chest. "How's that for a pointless last struggle for existence?" and slowly makes his way for a single seated shuttle. As he got into the pilots seat and started up preparing for lift off.

"All my troops have evacuated this sector, because you're going to die whether you like it or not!" yells PrinceSy as he grabs a detonator from his pocket and presses it. *Beep* explosions rocked the whole ship as decks after decks exploded in flames. PrinceSy was last seen on his knees with bleeding all over laughing hysterically as he was engulfed in one of the explosions itself.

Meanwhile JayJay was barely able to control his shuttle racing against the shockwave of the explosion from the ship's reactor chamber exploding, for the nearest planet as he was loosing consciousness. "What a great  way to die" thought JayJay as he collapses onto the floor of the cockpit and the shuttle gets engulfed by the shockwave.

"Noooooooooooooooo!" screams Sasami as she caught sight of the small ring of the shockwave as the ship exploded off in the far distance. She runs up to Zalthers and started shaking him madly. "We must go back for JayJay!"

"Sasami cut that out!!!" yells Zalthers with tears in his eyes. "No one could have survived that explosion! No one! Going back there right now would be committing suicide!"

"But... but..." Sasami sits on the floor and starts sobbing "He sacrificed himself for us.

Sgrby877 salutes in the direction of the explosion as the ship continued on it's journey.