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Summer Snow>Space Case> Chapter Selection> Chapter10

Chapter 10

"Looks like we bit off more than we can chew this time" says Zalthers as he furiously tries to dodge the hostile phaser fire coming from all directions while flying dangerously close to the flagship and maneuvering between gun turrets with no luck.

"Shields are down to 26% no 21% at this rate  we would only be able to last at most 17 more minutes before the shields give out and we die from hull breaches" says kenn looking at the readings on his console.

"Do something Zalthers!" cries out Sasami "Can't we just out run them?"

"This is class A ship but it's a private cruiser. it was made for long range escort, but it is no match for faster military battleships." replies Zalthers

"Ha Ha Ha lets lighten the load by throwing Kenn out the airlock" chuckled JayJay

"Sure! I'll love to be thrown out the airlock! As long as JayJay comes with me!" laughs Kenn

"Watch out!" yells Sgrby877 "JayJay get out of there!" as he suddently runs out of the weapons control room.

"Huh? Oh crap!" was all that came out of JayJay's mouth as he hopped onto his console hit the seal room button twisted and leapt out the weapons control room just as the airtight doors slamed shut and the room exploded behind him.

"You ok?" asked Sgrby877 "That was some sweet fast thinking back there!"

"All in a days work for a handsome hero such as.." The ship shook hard and JayJay trips and falls on his face

"We've been hit directly by a torpedo! We are venting plasma and loosing structural integrity!" states Kenn as the ship shook and buckled under the stress.

"The port side of the ship has a large hole and all weapons are offline, what now?" asks JayJay as he entered the bridge followed closely by Starfisher and the others.

"We'll have to go back down to the surface and hide." mutters Zalthers "Hang on tight everyone!"

"Onee-chan! I'm scared!" cries KaOs as she buried herself in Sgrby877's chest.

"We're not going to make it are we?" whispers Sasami

"We'll make it" assures Starfisher.

Just then the port side engines exploded causing the Cruiser to veer off to the left smashing through a closed shuttle bay door and scraping to a halt inside the flagship.

"Intruder alert! Deck5 Section 23!" came a screeching computerized voice

I'm sure that a Class B large battleship holding around 55 different vessels will have one suitable." chuckles Zalthers as he hopped off the disabled ship followed by the others. "

"We need to make it to Deck4 section 2 as fast as we can!" yells JayJay and leads the others down a corridor. "Come on Zalthers! move your big butt!"

As the group turns the corner they run into 6 men armed with  phaser rifles.

Guy1 "You're cornered surrender immediately!" As they started pointing their weapons upon JayJay

Sgrby877 pushed the girls and Zalthers around the corner and drew out his Katana and charged at the group of men.

As Guy 3 turned to fire upon Sgrby877 he suddenly drops his weapon holding his hand in pain with a fork sticking out of it.

Guy3 shouted"Why you fat cook!" and fires his phaser at Starfisher only to be  dumbfounded as Sgrby877 parries it with his katana skillfully and falls to the floor lifeless as the katana sliced into his neck before he had time to think.

At the same time JayJay leapt off the side of the corridor and landing a double kick to Guy 5 and smashing Guy 4's head into the wall as he landed. As he turned to see what was going on with the other people 3 forks flew by his face and landed in Guy 2's head behind him just as Sgrby877 finished off Guy 1 with a jab with the back of his katana.

 "Take this!" yells Kenn as he punched a guy lying on the floor

"Nice! Hurry up everyone!" JayJay called out as they turned the in the next corridor and entered a large bay with lots of ships.

"Wow! So many ships! Which one do we take?" asked Sasami

"Class B military cruiser" replies JayJay

"But.. don't we need keys or something?" asked KaOs

Zalthers walks up to to a large sleek looking ship took a large wrench from the ground and hit it on the hatch. A guy comes out and gets instantly knocked out with the wrench in Zalthers hands. Zalther bends down and takes a wierd card like thing from the guy's pocket.

"Ladies first!" bows Zalthers.

As they were getting on...

"Something is strange... we didn't see anymore people after the first 6.... on a ship this size it's impossible." says Starfisher as he got in followed by Zalthers and Kenn.

As JayJay and Sgrby877  was about to climb in a figure in a leather jacket comes out into the bay on the far side.

"JayJay! Old friend leaving so soon? Come and play with me for a while!" Hollers  PrinceSy

JayJay pushes Sgrby877 in and yells "Zalthers take off now! Don't come back don't ask why just take off!"

"You're staying? I'm staying too then!" persisted Sgrby877 as he struggled with JayJay to climb back out.

JayJay with one swift downwards motion knocks Sgrby877 unconscious "Zalthers, get them to safety!" and then he got out and shut the hatch behind him.

"You can't be leaving him behind!" screams Sasami as Zalthers engaged the engines and the ship flew out of the bay.

"There are some things only men will understand" mutters Zalthers bitterly and under his breath he whispers. "Good luck JayJay my friend."

While down in the bay...

"Ha ha! you've made the right choice JayJay" laughs PrinceSy as he came closer to JayJay but maintains a good distance away.

"So you survived that incident." replies JayJay.

"YES! and now it's your turn! But this time it's different because you won't survive!" yells PrinceSy

"Enough said! Lets settle this once and for all!" retorts JayJay

"Bring it on!" yells PrinceSy

"Let's Rumble!" screams JayJay as he and PrinceSy both charged at each other at the same time.