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Chapter 9

"Hey... I don't think we should take that big of a fleet head on... I don't want to die on my first trip in space..." says Sasami sitting nervously as she sat in front of her console

"We aren't going to..." replies Zalthers "but we need the shields up anyway just in case they think otherwise..."

"I demand that you return power to the kitchen!!" exclaims Starfisher over the intercom

"I can't do that we need as much power to the shields as possible at a time like this, although we don't plan to take them head on but they probably think otherwise..." mutters Zalthers. Turning to Kenn "Kenn plot a course as far from them as possible, I don't want to have more problems than there already is..."

"That's impossible Capt... they've surrounded the planet... and the main group is in the direction that we are headed! We'll have to go through!" replies Kenn as he tries to figure out a path through the fleet of ships 

"Incoming!" calls JayJay over the intercom

The ship suddenly shakes from a phaser blast from one of the larger ships in the fleet.

"They are requesting a communications uplink!" calls Sasami still a bit shaken from impact

"Maybe they are here to say sorry?" suggests Kenn

"I really doubt that they would shoot you and then call you up and say that they are sorry Kenn" mutters Zalthers "Onscreen"

"We come in peace!" says a figure in leather jacket that appeared on screen

"They are apologizing!" whispers Kenn

"But you will come in pieces!" laughs the figure on screen

A smaller screens pops up in the corner "What kind of a joke is that!" demands Sgrby877

"The things people do these days~~" chuckles JayJay from next to Sgrby877

"Come to me my kiddies~~" laughs the figure on screen "I won't hurt you.... I'll just kill you!! Mwahahaha!"

"Ok... this just becomes weirder and weirder..." says Sasami "Do you often meet these kind of people?" she asks in Zalthers direction

"Countless times..." sighs Zalthers with out taking his eyes off his console

"Hey weird dude in leather jacket! Don't you need a pair of sunglasses?" asks Kenn

"Hmmn... I've been thinking of getting a pair..." replies the figure on screen thoughtfully "Hey! don't change the subject! You will be Assimilated resistance is futile!" He laughs "I've always wanted to try that~. Be afraid! be very afraid!"

"Hmmn... then I guess I should say Have no fear! For I am here! I'm your knight in shining armor! Come to your prince my ladies!" says JayJay over the intercom in a proud voice

"Cut power to Intercom... text only..." mutters Zalthers

"How dare your crewmember have better lines to say! I'll send flowers to your grave! That is if there there is a body left after we tear your ship apart! Remember that your souls now belong to me! PrinceSy!" laughs the figure before he cuts the communications uplink.

Returning the power to the Intercom Zalthers asks "JayJay I hope that you've taught Sgrby877 how to fire properly..."

"I'll take them down any day!" was the reply from Sgrby877

"Weapons and shields at full power with plenty more for thrusters!" announces Kenn 

As Zalthers added power to the thrusters and bigger ships started opening fire and smaller ships and mobiles  started closing in. As the first 2 mobiles got close they were shot down by 2 successive phazer blasts from Sgrby877.

"Wooo! got 2!" exclaims Sgrby877

"Two down and like 50 more to go!" reminded JayJay jokingly

As Zalthers struggled with the ships thrusters to dodge phazers and torpedos closing in at a dangerously fast speed JayJay and Sgrby877 exchanged fire with small attack crafts while Sasami just hid under her console not daring to see the fate that awaits the young adventurers.

In the kitchen....

"Are we going to be alright?" asked KaOs peeking through a small window at the flashing phaser fire exchanges and explosions.

"Nothing will be solved by just worrying... Do you want to have some tea? It can help you calm down~~" replied Starfisher.

"How can you have tea at a time like this!!" exclaimed KaOs

"Well... we can't do anything right now but hope.... and if we don't make it out of this mess I would like to die on a full stomach rather than a empty one." replies Starfisher between sips of tea. "Wha?~~ YOUCH! hot! hot! hot!"

A torpedo closing in too fast in the blind section of the phaser cannon for JayJay to react to exploded off the port side shields sending a big jolt to the ship causing the tea Starfisher was sipping to spill all over his face.

"Aww... my tea!" exclaims Starfisher as he struggled to run to wash his face with cold water as the ship continued to rock and jolt from phaser contacts with the shield.

"I hope that we will make it through this..." says KaOs to herself as she continued to look at the firework display of phaser fire.