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Summer Snow>Space Case> Chapter Selection> Chapter8

Chapter 8

"Captain we are ready to proceed" says a crewman to a figure in leather jacket sitting in the captain's seat

"Proceed!" was the reply from the grin filled with evilness

Planet Platora StarCentury 390 20th of August

"Onii-chan! wait for me!" cries a young girl in school uniform running to catch up to a boy also in a school uniform

"KaOs.... I'm not your onii-chan...." replies the boy blushing

KaOs reaches the boy and hugs his arm "To me you are always my onii-chan" says KaOs happily

"Well let's go home then and call me by my name Sgrby877 ok?" says Sgrby877 with a blushed smile

"Ok onii-chan!" replies KaOs with a smile as the both of them walk down the street just as the sun was on the horizon.

Suddenly in front of them landed spaceship and two guys got out.

GuyA "This is a planet that was terra formed to look exactly like earth and it has no defenses except the planetary shields and a network of defense satellites! Raiding this planet will be a piece of cake!"

GuyB "PrinceSy will be here with his raiding fleet in an hour or so meanwhile lets have some fun!" Points to KaOs "Hey little girl~~ how bout coming with us for a ride before your planet gets ripped up by PrinceSy?"

KaOs hides behind Sgrby877 "Onii-chan ~~"

"Who the heck are you guys!" blurts out Sgrby877

"We are scouts for PrinceSy! the coolest space tyrant in history!" exclaims GuyB triumphantly

"I don't care who you scumbags are but you're are not taking KaOs from me" says Sgrby877 as he drops his school bag on the ground and unravels a katana that was wrapped in velvet cloth

"HA! you little brat! you think you can stand up to us with a katana? leave the girl to us and go home to play your little sword games little kid!" laughs GuyA as they both take out their phasers

"SCUMBAGS! I will protect KaOs with my own life! " yells Sgrby877 mad and determined

"Onii-chan" whispers KaOs blushing and her heart beating wildly

"Then it's time for you to die!" says GuyB and fires a phaser shot at Sgrby877

KLANG! "HUH!" "WAA!!" Slash!

Sgrby877 blocks  the phaser shot with his katana lunges at the two guys before they could react and slashing out with his katana

"ooof" says GuyB as he collapses on the ground

"Why you!" GuyA points his phaser at Sgrby877

Slash! Sgrby877 slices GuyA's phaser in half with a flash of his katana "don't worry... I used the back of my... oops I held it backwards!" says Sgyby877 as he looks at the katana he was holding backwards in his hand.

"We'll get you for this as soon as PrinceSy arrives!" exclaims GuyA as he pulls GuyB into the spaceship and lifts off into the sky

"Onii-chan!" cries KaOs as she ran up and hugs Sgrby877

"We have to get to somewhere safe quickly they mentioned that there was more on the way" says Sgrby877 quietly

Planet Platora StarCentury 390 20th of August

"Why are we at a planet like this" asks Kenn

"Because we need to refuel and resupply" says Sasami

"It's a fine day isn't it?" sighs JayJay

Zalthers was busy wiping the windows of the cruiser "Hurry up! huh? ack!"

A teenage boy with a katana lunges at Zalthers and barely misses him.

"What are you doing!" yells Zalthers

"Your part of the raiding party aren't you!" demanded the teenage boy, his katana still raised

"What the hell are you talking about!" screams Zalthers as he barely dodges the teenage boy's katana slashes

"Hold it there! We are only here to refuel and stock up supplies for our journey!" says JayJay

"I won't be fooled that easily!" replies the boy

"Put the katana away onii-chan they are good people" says a girl next to Sasami

"KaOs! Why?" says the teenage boy turning in the direction of the girl.

(30mins later) after a lot of explaining and exchange of stories

"I see... sorry about attacking you earlier... when everyone heard about the raid they all left... this was a new colony that just opened for inhabitants last month... KaOs and I were the only ones left, my name is Sgrby877" apologizes Sgrby877

"I see the reason for your attack... but plz let the other explain themselves next time..." sighs Zalthers

"Ha Ha Ha! that was some good sword play!" laughs JayJay

"Where are your parents?" asks Sasami

"Me and onii-chan are orphans... we've lived together ever since I could remember... onii-chan really worked hard to save up enough money for us to move here and live a normal life." explains KaOs

"Resupply  complete!!" announces Kenn

"Well... you two come with us then... although our destination is very dangerous but we can't leave you two to the raid that you say is coming." says Zalthers as he pushes the two into the cruiser.

"But... your cruiser is small... we would be bother some..." stammers KaOs

"Don't worry... this cruiser was built for a 8 person crew" says Starfisher following them in with an arm full of  spices

"All systems go!" called Kenn

"Same here!" calls out Sasami

"Lifting off!" says Zalthers as he pushes the throttle slowly and the ship responded immediately

"KaOs can you come to the kitchen with me and help make some coffee and tea for the group?" says Starfisher

"Sure!" replies KaOs following Starfisher

"Can you man a gun turret?" asks JayJay jokingly

"I don't know but I'm a fast learner!" replies Sgrby877

"You better learn fast because your going to be needed at a back gun turret soon..." Zalthers said in a very depressed voice as a fleet of ships that was exchanging fire with the planet's unmanned defense satellites came into view

"Looks like we got company! Come with me Sgrby877 I'll teach you how to use those turrets right away! Kenn! Take over Navigation!! Sgrby877 and I will go man the left and right gun turrets!" as he hustles off with Sgrby877 down the corridor

"Shields up! Weapons charged! secondary and primary tactical computers both return green! Yay!" exclaims Kenn as the ship darkens and starts flashing red

"I guess this is what they call Red Alert eh?" chuckles Sasami nervously "This is the first time I'm gonna be in a space combat...

"You'll be just fine Sasami" replies Zalthers, turning to Kenn "Kenn return power to the lights!!" demanded Zalthers

"No can do Capt! Red Alert!" replies Kenn

"At least turn off the beeping alarm... " mutters Zalthers with a sigh

"ryoukai!" replies Kenn

"Hey! want some hotdogs right before you fight? A soldier can't fight on an empty stomach!" asks Starfisher over the intercom

"Reroute power from kitchen to the shields" mutters Zalthers

"HEY!" exclaims Starfisher as Zalthers terminated the connection