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Chapter 7

Some cafe in space  StarCentury 390 16th of August

"Mori~~ the past two days have been memorable we haven't had a date that long in quite sometime." whispers Dragonfruit with her head on Mori's shoulder sipping tea

"With you by my side everyday is a date my dear." says Mori while gently stroking Dragonfruits hair "well... we should be getting back to HQ or Blaso is going to give us a bickering that would last hours~~"

"Just let me stay like this a little longer." says Dragonfruit

Just then a troop of human sized mechas storm in, Mori and Dragonfruit instantly flips the table on it's side and ducks for cover.

"Listen up find the target and fire at will! Out mission is to kill not capture! destroy all things that get in your way!" says the leader to the group

"Hmmmn I wonder who are they after dear~~" whispers Dragonfruit

"There they are!! KIILLLL em all!!" The group of mechas starts shooting in Mori and Dragonfruit's direction

"I guess that's the answer, lets party!" exclaims Mori as he swiftly kisses Dragonfruit, pulls out his phaser and jumps side ways past a chair and behind a large steel trash can shooting as he went with a big grin

"Don't steal all the fun dear" says Dragonfruit as she pulls a small phaser out of it's holster in her right leg does a back somersault twists in the air and places a well aimed shot in the head of a unsuspecting mecha causing it to explode filling the area with smoke.

"Well done honey!" calls Mori as he throws a chair over the trashcan and jumps past a table shooting at the mechas as they returned heavy fire reducing the chair thrown at them to small pieces "keep your heads down and make way for the exit" yells Mori at a group of customers huddled behind a fountain.

"Time for some midnight fun!" laughs Dragonfruit as the group of customers safely exits with Mori acting as a decoy. With a swift motion she shoots  a nearby power panel and the room is shrouded in pitch blackness just as Mori reaches her side.

"Huh! wha! Arrrggghh!! quit shooting at me you fools and turn on your lights!" came a voice from the group of mechas

"I'll be right back dear~" says Mori with a deep kiss to Dragonfruit and launches himself off a table and dealing a flying kick to a nearby mecha knocking it's head off and grabbing another's arm and turning it towards the other mechas as it just opened fire

"Bahhhhh!!" came from one of the mechas as it exploded along with a couple others as they were hit

Mori throws the mecha he was holding onto over his shoulder at another small group mechas standing together and with a rapid succession of shots causing them to explode as he ducked for cover next to Dragonfruit

"My hero!" cries Dragonfruit as she hugged on to Mori tightly

"Only the best, I'll leave the last one to you honey" replies Mori as he hugged back

"Sure thing dear" with that Dragonfruit leaps out grabbing a small banner pole and in a full out dash charges at the remaining mecha

"Ha Ha Ha it's time for you to die!" laughs the mecha as it opened fire upon Dragonfruit "Huh wa!! arrrgggh!"

Dragonfruit leapt up barely missing the shots that hit the ground at her feet and with a quick succession of attacks knocked the arm with the large phaser cannon off the mecha and smashes the body against a tree with a swift kick in midair. "Who is your leader" she demanded pointing a phaser at the mecha, her hair and long skirt blowing in the wind.

"Har har har die!" was the reply

Mori leaps next to Dragonfruit grabbing and holding her tightly in his arms leaps again off the veranda and into a fountain below kissing her under water as the mecha explodes above them pieces of it and burning furniture flying around them.

As they sit up "Thank you dear I owe you one" says Dragonfruit hugging and kissing Mori again

"Heh it was one heck of a way to end our date eh?" grins Mori

"but who could they be sent by?" asks Dragonfruit

"I don't know but it probably has to do with our next mission~~ let's head back to HQ and find out!" says Mori as he puts his hand on Dragonfruit pulls her close and the both of them walks towards their spacecraft dripping wet

Some where  in space  StarCentury 390 16th of August

"Are we there yet are we there yet!" asks Kenn over and over again as he sticks his face against the window

"Sigh, he's hopeless" mutters Zalthers

"Why do you get sushi and I get a burnt Hamburger?" asks JayJay

"Sorry about that JayJay it caught on fire by accident you can have some more hamburgers after that unburnt of course" replies Starfish with a chuckle "by the way Sasami eat up and grow mature!"

"Ahh~ I" stammers Sasami blushing madly

"Sasami is mature and attractive already!" defends Kenn serious as he sits next to Sasami and taking a deep breath near her "and she smells like roses!"

"Nooo!! you ecch!" yells Sasami and knocks Kenn backwards in his chair

"Eat your burger" says JayJay and drops a burger on Kenn's chest

"sigh" was all Zalthers could say

"Ha ha ha! so Sasami has a boyfriend!" laughs Starfisher pleased

"No!!" screams Sasami at Starfisher and trying to explain

"Zalthers when can we reach Destinas?" asks JayJay

"About a year if we don't use any warp gates" jokes Zalthers seeing JayJay's dumbfounded expression " 1 week if we take the Galaxy Freighters Warp Gate"

"Are we there yet?" asks Kenn

JayJay picks up a burger and shoves it into Kenn's mouth "just eat your burger"

"mmmmm ogff !!" (Mmmmn burger~~) as Kenn tries to close his overstuffed mouth