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Chapter 6

Planet Garial  StarCentury 390 15th of August

On a hillside overlooking the orphanage

"Great!! Now we're stuck here again! Back to square one." sighs Zalthers as he lies down on the grassy hill and looks up at the bright blue morning sky

"You mean 'you' guys are stuck here again. It's my first time here~~" spoke JayJay as he sat down next to Zalthers "Fine day isn't it?"

"It'll be finer if we could get off this planet... but we crashed Sasami's whip rescuing you." Zalthers said to JayJay

"If I remember correctly it was that fellow over there that pressed the self destruct isn't it?" replies JayJay smiling

"Yeah.... Kenn... sometimes I don't know why I'm teamed up with a guy like him..." sighs Zalthers...

"Hmmmn I was thinking too... why do you keep a brainless carefree dude like him around?" asks JayJay

"Well, we grew up on a farm on a distant border asteroid... we used to get into all sorts of mischief, yeah it was a great time we had back then like the time we accidentally ran the farm's transport off a cliff~~" Zalthers began talking about his past

"We had one heck of a good time till the day he came... Ragnin was his name... he came with platoons of armed men and massacred the people on our asteroid... Kenn and I were the only survivors... We snuck off the planet by hijacking one of their scout ships... thinking back we couldn't have been successful if it wasn't thanks to Kenn's excellent navigational skills. we eventually ran out of fuel and drifted to a planet where we were taken in and we've been doing freighter work ever since... with Kenn's excellent navigation and my skills as a pilot we've been through a lot together..."

"Glad to hear that you too are so close... " comments JayJay as he looks down the hill at Kenn who was busy playing tag with the orphanage children

On top of the hill

"It's been 3yrs and you still look so childish~~ Sasami" says Starfisher with a smile

"I I've grown up" stammers Sasami with a blush

"So~~ what is your story with those 3 gentlemen?" asks Starfisher

"I just met them... we were headed to rescue that guy over there named JayJay when we encountered an explosion and knocked out the ship..." explained Sasami

"Looking at that ships registration number it was your ship wasn't it?" points out Starfisher

"Um yes..." replies Sasami hesitantly

"Pity... it was the only thing that your parents left you" remarked Starfisher

"No... it was sacrificed to save a life... so I think even my parents would understand" stutters Sasami "Never mind that what were you doing these past 3 yrs?"

"oh ... nothing much~~ exploring space... battling space aliens~~ Just joking.. I don't even have a ship to fly let alone fight aliens LOL" replies Starfisher

"Di  Did you miss me?" asks Sasami lowering her head and shifting the grass with her foot

Starfisher looks into her eyes and in a very serious tone " Sasami .. I've missed you so much!"  then he turns around towards the Orphanage and yells " As I have missed all of you!"

Sasami sighs and mutters under her breath " Starfisher you Baka.."


"Kenn! Come over here I want to talk to you!" calls the Sensei that takes care of the kids

"Huh you called?" asks Kenn as he jogs over.

"I've been watching you.... You seem to not be able to take your eyes off Sasami even while you play with the kids,  you must really like her" says the sensei

"H How did you know?" asked Kenn surprised

The Sensei chuckles "It's written all over your face!"

"Where? where? do you have a mirror?" stammers Kenn wiping his face with his hands

"Ha Ha Ha~~ just kidding Kenn but do take care of Sasami for us ok? She's been a good help here at the orphanage... it would be best that we let her see the vastness of space." says the sensei

"I I will! madam!" replies Kenn straightening up and running towards the hill where Zalthers was.


"We still need to find a way off this planet" sighs zalthers

" I really need to get back to Destinas and see if it's still alright.." says JayJay

"What happened over there?" asks Zalthers

"We were under attack by Spike and his fleet I escorted the President off and engaged them but one of my teammates was shot down... I blew up one of their larger ships but was caught in the blast and somehow ended up here and then you guys found me" explains JayJay

"We must get you back immediately!" exclaims Zalthers jumping up as Kenn just reached them

"huh?" wonders Kenn out loud

"But how? we have no ship!" asks JayJay..

"Um... the orphanage has a extra ship that we don't use anymore... feel free to take it as our gratitude for shipping us supplies for free these past year Mr. Zalthers" says Sensei as she came into sight behind Kenn

"Alright! thank you so much sensei " exclaims Zalthers "we leave right away!"

"And we are joining you!" adds Sasami as she walks up to the group

"No! It's too dangerous! Our destination is under heavy fire!" says Zalthers.

"You have to take me! You owe me a ship since you crashed mine! And besides! I have Starfisher with me right Starfisher?" retorts Sasami as the turns towards Starfisher

"Hmmmn I've got nothing to do and was looking for some action, sure I'll go!" replies Starfisher in a excited tone

"JayJay say something!" pleaded Zalthers

"Well.. Action, Suspense, a journey of no return where we might all lose our lives. Well what are we waiting for?"  laughs JayJay

Zalthers smacks his head and shakes it giving up further arguments

"Yippee!! off to see the universe and the vast expanses of space!" yells Kenn as he ran around the group laughing

In the ship the sensei talked about....

"Um... What is this.." asks Sasami looking around...

"Nice... A Class A Private cruiser... how did the people here get their hands on one of these babys?" commented Zalthers pleased

" Not bad!  A Class A has level 2 Phasers and light torpedos!" whistles JayJay

"Let's go!" says Starfisher "I'll go prepare a mid flight snack"

"Kenn plot a course for Destinas, JayJay take over copilot controls reroute all extra power to the main thrusters, Sasami you take the communications console." commanded Zalthers as he sat down in the pilots seat.

"Why are you captain?" asks JayJay

"Because I led the mission to rescue your big butt" replies Zalthers

"Ok Captain thrusters at full power" hollers JayJay

"Course set!" announces Kenn

"The automated space port is down so I'm not bothering to ask for take off." explains Sasami

"Off we go!" exclaims zalthers as he increased the throttle

The small cruiser sped off into the sky as the sensei and the little kids waved goodbye

"GoodLuck!" they all yelled at the same time

As they enter the upper atmosphere

"All systems Green" remarks Kenn

"Do you want Hamburgers or Sushi?" Starfisher hollers from the back of the ship.