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Chapter 5

Garial Automated Space Port StarCentury 390 14th of August

"Whoo! This is fun ya?" laughed JayJay as the small freighter rocked violently taking more damage as the Space Port fired upon them.

"Why is that dang space port firing upon us!!! This is an unarmed freighter! The stupid port is trying to kill us!!" spoke Zalthers very agitatedly as he tried to keep the ship under control as it as large chunks started tearing away from the hull

"Although technology has evolved it seems that the AI levels of products are always a bit behind eh?" explained Sasami "That is an Automated Unmanned Space Port... everything is run be the central computer and we are interpreted as a  threat so it opened fire to protect it's self!!"

On the front of the bridge Kenn has just come to "HUH where am I?? Hey look! There is a guy down there on the space port running around!! HI!" Kenn waves his hand at the guy down on the space port desperately trying to find cover.

"Should I knock him out again?" asked JayJay with a smile

"Nah let him enjoy the time we have left. I'm ejecting the Reactor Core! We can't afford to have a big explosion can we." came Zalther's reply as he ejected the ships main reactor

JayJay suddenly runs over hits the emergency side thrusters "Brace yourselves!!" as he tries to swing the ship so it would hit back first

"What are you doing" asks Zalthers as braces himself for impact

"Nyaaa?"  was heard from Sasami as the ducked under her console

"We are heros!! The space port is welcoming us with fireworks!" laughed Kenn with a dazzed expression still not recovered from before.

"Kenn brace yourself!" yelled Zalthers

"We are gonna hit!" added JayJay as he lets go of the controls and ducks under a panel

"Hey! what's everyone doi" was all that came out of Kenn's mouth when the ship hit the deck of the spaceport ripping apart the hull and colliding with several buildings and sliding down the short runway sparks flying and Kenn being thrown around the ship like a rag doll "OOOF""Ouch!""Hey!""Ah!"

Meanwhile on the runway in front of the ship...

"What the why me! Why is it coming after me!" cries Starfisher as he ran down the runway tears lying off his face with the ship sliding right behind him.

He runs into a wall of the control tower and turns around closing his eyes and  using his hands to brace himself. He just stood there and nothing happens for a while. When he finally opens his eyes he sees the freighter a inch away from his face. "Whew I'm saved" as he sighs in relief.

"Whoo! that was fun! again! again!" laughs Kenn as he hops out of the freighter that is a piece of smoldering junk.

"Yep it was one heck of a ride" chuckles JayJay

"I wouldn't want to go through that again" mumbles Zalthers

As Sasami comes out she is frozen by the person in front of her.

"Good day Sasami, Long time no see eh?" came from Starfisher with one of those flashing teeth smiles.

Star Union August 17th HQ on the planet Pafig Beta

"I sure hope that JayJay and the rest of the people on Destinas are all right" says KaoRiNyao as he steps off onto the landing pad

"Welcome to Pafig Beta HQ of Star Union Mr. Prez " announces Nilam

"So this is the planet you came from Nilam, I'm impressed~~ This place sure is a nice place it must be nice to be back from your long stay on Destinas" says KaoRiNyao

"It was my job so I couldn't do anything about it, but Destinas was fine too." replies Nilam

"I just hope that it would be able to stay that way." mutters KaoRiNyao in a worried voice while biting his lips.

"This way Mr. Prez" says Nilam as she leads away to a large important looking building surrounded by a large garden and wonderful fountains.

Directors office

"We understand the situation of your Planet Mr. KaoRiNyao but we simply do not have the resources to deal with Spike.... If we, the Star Union had an all out attack with Spike it would put countless innocent lives of the civilians living on the border planets at risk! It would mean economical and galaxtal chaos for the entire galaxy!"  exclaimed Blaso

"Does that mean to protect yourselves you would sacrifice other innocent lives! What gives you the right to play God with my people!" screamed KaoRiNyao in front of Blaso's face

"I AM NOT PLAYING GOD" defended Blaso "Ahem sorry for shouting at you but all I mean is that we can't help you directly but we will help you! I'll have my best agent on the job!"

"Gasp! Does that mean your going to call THEM? but you never asked them to help in other planet's situations!" asked Nilam from the side.

"Yes, they should be done with their current mission in 2 days time. Connect me with Mori and Dragonfruit using Priority Line 505 code 312." replies Blaso with a very certain voice

"I'm sorry about my comment earlier Mr. Blaso you are a good man." says KaoriNyao

"They have accepted the communications uplink Mr.Blaso." says Nilam

"Onscreen" said Blaso

The faces of Mori and Dragonfruit appear on a holographic screen in the air right before Blaso

"What do you want Director Blaso? I'm in a hurry~" asks Mori

"You have a new mission!" announces Blaso

"Can you make it fast I got a appointment to keep" replies Mori

"What appointment? You have finished your current mission ahead of schedule?" inquires Blaso

"Yes the mission is finished my appointment is that I'm going on a date with Dragonfruit" Mori points to the female at his side

"We are on a special date" adds Dragonfruit as she hugs and kisses Mori

"You two sure love to stick to each other, well return to HQ ASAP you have an important new mission to briefed on!" says Blaso

"Don't worry~~ we'll save the world and still have time to go on a romantic dinner" laughs Dragonfruit jokingly

"I sure hope so, Director out" says Blaso as he terminates the communications uplink

"Are you sure that they are dependable Director" asks KaoRiNyao

"They always go lovey dovey during their missions but they are the best pair out there." comments Nilam

"It's great to be young." sighs Blaso as he turns his chair around and looks at the clear blue sky out the window.