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Chapter 4

 Somewhere within the vicinity of Planet Garial StarCentury 390 14th of August

"Kenn~~ Kenn! KENN!! dang it Kenn do your job as a navigator rather than staring at Sasami dang it! We have people to rescue!" yelled Zalthers as he hits Kenn over the head.

"OUCH! Err huh what? Oh sorry plz turn 6 degrees starboard" replied Kenn's absent minded reply

"I see the ship in distress! It's in pretty bad shape... looks like big chunks of it is missing!" announced Sasami

"Prepare to dock! Sasami go ready  any medical supplies you might have on this ship." said Zalthers in a stern voice.


The ship rocked a little as it scraped along side of JayJay's vessel.

"Oops ... I'm not used to piloting a Class C vessel... it's a bit clumsy compared to a Class B" mutters he leads the way to the to the airlock while Kenn tags along behind him.

"Gerrr! Capt this door is stuck!" as Kenn he tries desperately to pull open the hatch to JayJay's ship.

"Let me try Kenn" said Zalthers as he pulls Kenn aside

Wham!  Clatter..  This big hatch falls inward as Zalthers gave it a swift kick

"Read the sign Kenn it says Push" said Zalthers shaking his head as the smoke from JayJay's ship started pouring in...

"Oh so that's how you open that hatch cough cough so much smoke!" gasps Kenn

"That's why you kneel down and get out of the smoke Kenn" came Zalthers faint reply from deep within the ship.

"Hey wait for me Capt!" hollers Kenn as he scrambles and trips over the debris along the floor

"Hmmn high powered Destinian Fighter huh.. a lieutenant too what's he doing on this side of the galaxy?" asks Zalthers out loud as he struggles to pull JayJay to Sasami's ship "Hey Kenn! download the Ships data logs! that console over there is still intact!"

"Already downloading Zalthers!" Kenn looks around for things to salvage after the data finishes. "hmm what is this button for?" Presses it


"Huh self destruction?" Wonders Kenn out loud while looking at the screen.

The words on the screen change "Better get going Kenn it's gonna blow in 54 seconds!"

" Oh Crap Zalthers is going to kill me!" thought Kenn as he undocks from JayJay's ship he rushes down the corridor past Sasami who is busy running medical checks on JayJay and runs into Zalthers on the bridge "Zalthers! I think we better go! as he pushes 1 of the thrusters to full and the freighter shot away from JayJay's craft spinning crazily.

"What do you mean Kenn" asks as Zalthers balances the power of the engines and watches Kenn applying full power to the shields and ducking under his console. "Hey Kenn answer me!" says Zalthers as he struggles to pull Kenn out.


The shockwave from JayJay's ship self destructing rocks the small freighter violently.

"Wha?" was all Zalthers could say before flying over the console and crashing into a wall upside down. Kenn was ok because he was ready and expecting the impact. JayJay falls off the bed hits his head on cabinet containing cooking utensils and gets buried underneath. Sasami was knocked off her feet and falls on JayJay and gets knocked out.

Zalthers awakens to Kenn's whining and slapping " Zalthers wake up!! are you dead! don't be dead! say something!! what do I do ! OMG I killed Zalthers!"

Zalthers grabs Kenn and beats him over the head "Oh shut up Kenn you pressed the self destruct didn't you?"

"No I didn't I just pressed the shiny Red button on the main panel" came Kenn's innocent reply

In the Cargo Bay...

JayJay comes to and sees Sasami passed out on him. "I'm in heaven!" thought JayJay

Sasami comes to and jumps up startled " Oh I'm so sorry!" exclaimed Sasami and runs out of the Cargo Bay..

"aww it wasn't a dream?" said JayJay disappointedly  and walks down the corridor "hmmn a Class C freighter... so I was rescued... I'd better go say thanks" thought JayJay as he made his way to the bridge

As JayJay enters the bridge he sees Zalthers, Kenn and Sasami in chaos

"This is Garial T28 requesting emergency landing immediately!" yelled Sasami

"Negative Garial T28 This is Garial Automated Space Port Visiting times are over you are not to land! "

"We have sustained heavy damage! Navigational and throttle controls are jammed!! We must land" hollers Zalthers

"We are gonna die we are gonna die we are gonna die what do we do! what do we do!" yells Kenn as he runs around in circles.

JayJay with one swift motion of the hand knocks Kenn out cold and moves to the Navigational console

"Good job JayJay " says Zalthers giving JayJay a thumbs up

"Err thanks for rescuing me and you are?" asks JayJay as he was rerouting power to structural integrity and front sheilds

"The name is Zalthers that little girl over there is Sasami" replies Zalthers as he struggles to maintain course with only the port side thruster intact

"I'm not a little girl!" retorts Sasami as she still tries to get the space ports permission to land

"Well Miss Sasami it's nice to meet you but if we don't make it through this it wouldn't matter if your were little or not because we would all be dead!" joked JayJay

"Garial T28 you are not to come closer or you will be fired upon!!"

"That's just too bad isn't it?" chuckles Zalthers "brace for impact!" as he plots a course for Garial automated space port

On Garial Automated Space Port...

"Welcome to Garial Automated Space Port Mr. Starfisher please head to the surface by using exit elevator 11. Thank you and have a nice day!" came the automated check in computer's greeting"

"It's great to be back!" exclaims Starfisher taking a deep breath and stretching his arms. Looking up at space he sees a bright flaming object  getting shot at by the space ports defence systems headed his way.

"Huh what's that? OMG it's a freighter! and it's gonna crash right here! arrrgg!!" yells Starfisher as he scrambles for cover