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Chapter 3

Orbit of Planet Destinas StarCentury 390 12th of August (2days before the last chapter)

Mwahahaha! I shall have you feel the wrath of betraying me will weaklings of Destinas! I, Spike the handsome ruler of all that’s living will destroy your puny planet! Har har har!” Laughed Spike as his large fleet of Class B battleships began bombardment of the planet of Destinas.

As torpedos and phasers bombarded through out the planet like wild fire President KaoRiNyao of Destinas was urgently pacing his office~ “Oh no! it’s Spike! What do we do?!?! No planet has survived his reckless bombardments! We are doomed!”

Just then the Commander of the 1st and only fleet of Destinas comes running into the room. “Mr. KaoRiNyao plz escape via a escape military transport plz! With the remains or our fleet and our best military pilot as a decoy we can get you and some of the civilians off this planet before it’s too late!”

“I can’t leave my people to die while I run away to hide Commander Sakamoto Ryuichi!” replied KaoRiNyao agitated at the thought and struggling to get up after a torpedo explodes near by and the shaking knocked him off his feet.

“You won’t be any good to the planet if your dead as a door nail Mr. KaoRiNyao!” retorted Sakamoto nervous and agitated at the sametime. “ You must escape! This planet must not loose it’s President! Only you can convince the Star Union to help us! You must get off this planet before Spike starts sending ground troops! We have enough resources to let the planet’s shields last a while so don’t worry about us! We will pull through!”

“Sigh… as you with Commander, lead the way.” replies Mr. KaoRiNyao he follows Commander Sakamoto through a trap door and through a maze network of multidirectional elevators towards the Alpha Launch port of Destinas. “What do you have planed?” inquires KaoRiNyao hesitantly.

“I have already informed Lieutenant JayJay about his mission he will command 10 of our best ships to escort you safety out of this Planet’s vicinity so that you may reach Star Union’s headquarters, I wish you best of Luck Mr. President” salutes Sakamoto.

“Commander! We must hurry!! Spike has broken through sector 11 with his ground troops!” informed a injured young officer wearing a blood stained Destinas 1st fleet uniform.

“How is that possible with the planetary shields intact!” cried out commander Sakamoto

“They broke through during a fluxuation in the planetary shield power grid. Our ground troops have engaged the enemy but this area has become unsafe! You must evacuate!” gasped the officer.

Kaboom! Crackle! Crash!”

A nearby building collapsed from enemy fire covering the three in a pile of dust.

“They are here! Hurry! We’ll cover you! Mr. President have a safe journey we wish you best of luck!” the young officer salutes and grabbing his Assault Phaser runs off to assist the others.

A deafning whistle of something flying through the air was heard and a blinding flash with a loud explosion was heard and a smoldering pile of debris was where the young officer was.

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!” screams KaoRiNyao as commander Sakamoto struggled to push him into the starport.

“Welcome to Destinas Alpha Launch port Mr. President your transport is waiting over there.I am Lieutenant JayJay of Destinas 1st fleet I am your escort off the planet on this fine day!” greets JayJay with a cheerfully calm voice.

“How can you joke around at a time like this lieutenant!” cries KaoRiNyao as he got into his transport.

“You have to stay calm to do your best Mr. Prez!” came the distant reply from JayJay.

Boom! A explosion was heard and the entrance of the port was blown away and a surge of enemies stormed in meet by Destinas own ground troops and phaser shots flew all over.

“Take off immediately and don’t come back!” instructed commander Sakamoto to the pilot of the Prez’s transport as he jumped for cover shooting down 2 enemies with swift accurate shots from his small phaser

Rdy or not here we come!” Laughed JayJay as the fleet leaves the Destinas Alpha Launch port phaser beams from the angry Spike’s ground troops bounce harmlessly off the shields of JayJay’s ship.

“ Alright here’s plan squadron vessels 1 and 5 you two come with me the other 2 escort the Prez toward space controlled by Star Union using the Sun as cover so they don’t see you. Me n my friends are gonna have some fun!” announced JayJay as he broke formation when they reached the upper atmosphere on the side of the planet invisible to Spike’s Fleet.

“Roger that! JayJay happy hunting! Presidental transport full thrusters heading out.” came a reply

“JayJay plz come back alive and good luck!” came female voice

“Will do Nilam~ Will do” replied JayJay

As JayJay finishes charging his small arsenal of weapons he throttles to full and speeds toward Spike’s fleet with his other 2 team members.

(On Spikes ship)

“Captain Spike we have detected 3 vessels speeding towards us Identified as Destinian single pilot attack ships! Shall we all open fire at once?”

“Swat them down like flies” came Spikes answer with an evil grin “Teach em what it’s like to go against the all mighty Spike the painfull way! Mwahahaha!”

(JayJay’s ship)

“Break formation and attack at will!” yelled JayJay in excitement as he unleashes his first volley of torpedos against Spike’s flagship

“Roger that Squadron leader” came a reply as the two other ships split formation and engaged the small fighters launching from Spikes fleet. Explosions everywhere…

(Spikes Ship)

“Shield power at 92% Captain Spike” a crew member to Spike announced pressing the communications button he spoke in a menacing voice “ Destinas spacecrafts

It was foolish to leave the protection of your planetary shields now I have to go through the bother of squashing you like bugs against my windshield hahahaha!”

“ Hey Spikey! Quit crapping around and worry about how I’m gonna take this photon torpedo and shove it down your ships main cannon!” came JayJay’s reply as he did a barrel roll narrowly dodging an enemy figher and quickly dropped some explosives on Spikes main flagship and blowing up a cannon turret.

Gah! Annoying pests! Full power to the weapons array! Fry the little pests! I’m going to have lunch with my female fans on Deck3” said Spike as he left the bridge.

“This is squad vessel 5 I took some heavy damage to my navigational array I’m pulling out!” came a voice over the communications console next to JayJay

“Roger that squad vessel 1 coming in ARRRGGG!!! NOOO!! *static*” came a reply.

Phzzzt!” crash! Boom!

JayJay turned around to see Squad vessel 1 hit by a large Ion blast from one of Spikes battleships and exploding in an big fireball.

“Why you lame fat pigs I’ll kill you all!” thought JayJay as he became blood thirsty for revenge on his fellow squad member. JayJay took his fighter down close to one of the battleships blowing up enemy fighters as they got close racing down the side of the battleship he dropped his full load of photon torpedos down a launch shaft of the vessel as a figher launched from it.

A big explosion from inside the large battleship followed by more explosions throughout the ship. Then the ship destructed engulfing JayJay and other enemy vessels in the blast causing a chain reaction to half of Spikes ships and knocking JayJay into a warp rift caused by the explosion of battleships warp coil.

Ahhhh!!” was the last radio transmission heard from JayJay from the military headquarters on the surface of Destinas…

Somewhere within the vicinity of Planet Garial StarCentury 390 14th of August.

JayJay comes conscious 2 days after being knocked out in the explosion.

“Huh where am I” asked JayJay out loud and checking his star chart on his cracked and blinking Navigational panel. “Some where near Planet Garial huh? That’s on the other side of the galaxy!” JayJay looked around to see his ship is a mess… plasma leakage. And sparkes from a nearby wire showed that his ship was in a dead halt. JayJay rewires his communications panel and tries to call for help.

“Crackle bang!” a red light starts flashing and words appear on screen[Warning] Life support Failure.

oh crap I’m in deep trouble now today has been all fun n games huh?” said JayJay with a chuckle as smoke starts filling the chamber

“Mayday! Mayday! This is D class spacecraft Registration Destinas R55 requesting assistance! Leaking crackle Plasma off port side life support failing cough smoke~ help!” said JayJay sending out the message in broadband. “Let there be someone, I’m too young and sexy to die right now” thought JayJay


JayJay repeats the transmission

“Hello? Hello! Phzzt This is Class C freighter crakle Registration Garial T28 plz state your pop location! Hello? Hello! Plz reply!”

JayJay jumps up and hits his head on a hanging panel “OW!”

“ This is JayJay of Destinas R55 location 40 degrees 4839Km off Garial space dock status is bad.. request assistance! Crakle boom Arrgg!” the communications panel catches on fire in front of JayJay. Yay! At least there is someone to collect my body!” says JayJay as he falls unconscious from the smoke