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Chapter 2

Planet Garial StarCentury 390 14th of August

At the orphanage…

“Gee look at the little kids running around showing off their new pants!” exclaimed Kenn with his eyes twinkling “Don’t you think it was worth the trouble Capt?”

“Yeah it’s worth it but now we are stranded here” replied Zalthers looking at the remains of his galaxy freighter on the hill in the distance…”It was a great ship and it served it’s purpose well~~”

“I told you we should have had a full ship analysis of what damage we had… but you took it down here anyway…” said Kenn

“Even if we took a damage assessment on the ship it would not change the fact that we would have to take it down here anyway… we couldn’t have fixed or replaced that cracked reactor core in space anyway… I’m just sad that it had to be ejected in the upper atmosphere…”addressed Zalthers

“So it was destined~~” agreed Kenn

A little girl walks over to Zalthers and Kenn and hands then a bracelette made by hand to each of them.

Kenn kneels down to the little girl and says “Why thank you little girl~~ may I ask your name?”

“My name is Crystal~~” said Crystal blushing and then quickly ran back to the other kids

“Kawaii little kid” said Kenn admiringly

“Yes the kids here are kawaii but we need to focus on getting us a new freighter… we simply don’t have enough money to go out there and buy one..” reminded Zalthers sadly…

“I’ve got a small freighter that I can lend you guys in exchange for something” came a female voice behind the two.

Kenn and Zalthers turn around to meet, a female young teenager facing them with a smile.

“H hhuuuh?” Stammers Kenn as he just looks at her awestruck.

“What do you mean by that?” asks Zalthers looking at this female suspiciously

“My name is Sasami, nice to meet you Zalthers and Kenn” greets the female with the name Sasami

“How do you know our names?” asks Zalthers even more suspiciously

“Everyone at this orphanage knows about you two… you to are the only ones piloting an Galaxy Freighter that can make it through the Andou Sector without an small escort!” replied Sasami excitedly

“So why would you lend us your ship?” asks Kenn finally able to speak after just looking at Sasami for the the last 5 mins

“Well~~ the small freighter was the only thing that my family left me… after they were killed by a raiding party 4 yrs ago… I can’t pilot a spaceship… and after knowing about you guys for so long and hearing your conversation earlier… I decided that rather then letting the ship wear down just sitting there I thought I would lend it to you… with some strings attached.” Explains Sasami pointing to her small C class freighter docked at the Orphanage’s port

“And what exactly do you want us to do?” asks Zalthers

“Take me with you” replies Sasami immediately

“Denied… we can’t do that! It’s too dangerous! We’ll find another way… sorry but we can’t accept your offer.” replies Zalthers.

“I’m not a little girl… I can protect myself~ and I am good with maintaining a freighter.. come over and see!” says Sasami quickly as she pulls Kenn and Zalthers along towards the small freighter…

In the Freighter…

“Wow, this craft’s in great shape!” exclaims Kenn in wonder as he runs his hands along the shiny navigation console.

“Impressive indeed.” says Zalthers unwillingly

“I told you” replies Sasami happily

Crakle crakle mayday! Mayday! This is D class crakle spacecraft Registration Destinas R crakle 55 requesting assistance! Leaking crackle Plasma off port side crakle life support crakle failing cough smoke~ help!”

Sasami runs over to the communications panel “Hello? Hello! This is Class C freighter Registration Garial T28 plz state your location! Hello? Hello! Plz reply!”

Crakle This is JayJay of crakle Destinas R55 location crackle 40 degrees 4839Km off crakle Garial space dock crakle status is bad.. request assistance! Crakle boom Arrgg!”

“Hello? Hello? JayJay are you alright? Say something!” screams Sasami


“We have to help him right away!” yells Kenn

“We know that hurry and full power to the thrusters!” replies Zalthers as he runs to shut the hatch

Sasami still screaming at the console “Garial space port this is Garial T28 requesting emergency launch!”

“Affirmative, this is Garial Automated space port Garial T28 you are cleared for immediate launch”

Zalthers pushes the throttle to max and the Freighter races against time toward the last know location of Destinas R55.