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    StarCentury 390. 390 years  after earth encountered a strange phenomenon and temperatures dropped globally and mankind was forced to completely leave earth behind. Luckily technology had moved on far enough that humans were able to find habitable planets spread out across the galaxy. For hundreds of years there was no order and wars broke out between feuding groups of people. One man leading a group of people set new order known as Star Union with long effort the planets in the union were able to set up a new economy and they prospered. However Star Union with a total of about 1.7billion people about 18% of the total population was far from peace the border planets were under constant threat of besiegement. And so, the story begins.

Chapter 1 v0.01

StarCentury 390 5th of August

“Boom”  The sound of  a small explosion is heard.

Smoke starts pouring out of Starport Engine of a Galaxy freighter in a secluded area of the Andou Sector.

Aww Crap… how many times to we have to be harassed by these lame little ships that try to bring down freighters in this sector?” muttered Zalthers. 

“They are requesting a communications uplink.. Should I connect?” asked Kenn as he was busy activating the repair robots to fix the flaming engine.

Hmmmn those robots sure come in handy at times like this” thought Zalthers “Sure connect and see what they want this time” came Zalthers short reply why he was busy dodging enemy fire of the 2 pursuing ships.

“Connection established” announced Kenn as the main screen blinked and a figure came into focus.

Arrggg! How dare you trespass our sector of the galaxy?” asked the pretty female figure on screen.

“So it’s you again Miss. old and ugly. What services may me n my crewmate Kenn offer you this time?” came Zalther’s swift cool reply as another phaser beam bounces off the port side shields.

“How dare you make a mockery of me! I’ll will rip your ship to pieces and take your precious cargo, for  calling  a hot beauty like me old n ugly!” replied the figure on screen.

“Precious cargo? We are a poor freighter delivering pants to the Gavial planet” muttered Kenn as he watched the robots put out the fire and start replacing parts.

“HAR HAR! You can’t fool us!” came a voice from behind the figure on screen.

Shut up! I am in charge here!” screamed the figure on screen as she turned around and gave a hard punch to someone off screen.

“Look here Miss. old and ugly I have no intention or time to play kiddy games with you… now if you excuse me I need to deliver this ship load of pants to the orphanage located on Garial” said Zalthers in a irritated voice 

Turning around to Kenn “Deliver max power to both engines and lets let those dumb scavengers eat our dust!” commanded Zalthers

“Roger that capt full power to thrusters… oh by the way… our remaining ship energy is down to 15% all we can take is another torpedo and then we’ll need to reroute energy from other resources” said Kenn as the ship rocked hard from a direct hit from one of the pursuing vessels.

“What resources do we have left?” inquired Zalthers as he struggled to bring the ship under control.

“Plenty of power left on life support systems” replied Kenn in a calm reassuring voice.

Yay~ This is just my day” said Zalthers in a mocking voice as he narrowly dodges another phaser blast targeted at the port side engine. ”Don’t we have any weapons on this ship?”

“This is a galaxy freighter so we do have low powered phasers but they are not functional since the charge banks broke down” answered Kenn

“Prepare a communications uplink to the lead ship and prepare our emergency dump airlocks with anything that we don’t need and put in a couple old powercells in the mess” commanded Zalthers “ and don’t ask why just do it”

link accepted bring on screen now” said Kenn as he struggled to push Zalther’s bed into the airlock when Zalthers was not looking.

“Miss. old n ugly you have outsmarted us we give up, can you spare our lives?” asked Zalthers in a pleading voice to the figure on screen.

Har Har Har! Very well you weak freighter captain prepare to be boarded! And I have a name! It’s Addict princess of the Andou sector!” came the reply. And the communications uplink was terminated

“Captain! What are you thinking! We can’t give in to those scavengers! Think of the poor kids that need new pants on that planet!” Kenn bursted out screaming. 

“What is the status of their ships?” came Zalthers cold reply. 

“Their shields are down and closing in to dock… answer my question!” Kenn yelled with tears in his eyes

“Full power to thrusters ready our shields and empty the emergency airlocks now!” Zalthers yelled in excitement.

“HUH???” asked Kenn as he struggled to obey.

Zalthers routed the power to the aft shields and hit the throttle to max as he ejected the airlocks .”And awaaayy we go!” Zalthers laughed as the freighter shot out towards the border of the Andou Sector.

Meanwhile on the lead scavenger vessel…

“They are escaping! And they dumped junk to block our path!” cried out a crew member to Addict. ”there is a bed in there” said another

“Just vaporize the debris and destroy that freighter!” barked Addict.

Phzzttt” Boom!

A large red fireball appeared from within the debris as they fired into it engulfing the unshielded scavenger ships doing heavy damage as the ships were knocked out in the mess.

“SHIP STATUS NOW!” screamed Addict as she braced herself against her seat. Hearing no reply she looked around to find that the ship was heavily damaged panels blacked and on the ground consoles exploded and her 2 crew members was caught in the explosion and now lay motionless on the floor. ”NOOOOO!” she looked out the window to find that the second ship was also in bad shape but there were 3 escape pods ejected meaning that the crew were safe. As Addict ejected in a life pod she screamed at the freighter disappearing in the distance… “Curse you Zalthers! I will get you!! ARRRGGGG!”

Meanwhile on the freighter..

Zalthers and Kenn finished damage assessment.

“I’m glad that we can get this cargo of pants to the children on Garial but what you did was reckless! What if our shields didn’t stand against that blast long enough!” said Kenn as he threw up his hands in relief looking over to his left what’s left of the shield and main engine console after it exploded from the surge of the blast earlier. “Thank goodness I was not there when it exploded” he muttered relieved

“As a space freighter captain I must do as I must to deliver our cargo to the needy civilians. That is the code of the Galaxy freighters.” Replied Zalthers in a superior voice. “Huh where is my bed” asked Zalthers

“Um don’t ask me” replied Kenn backing away

“Don’t tell me you ejected my bed!” screamed zalthers

“I won’t tell you” replied Kenn as he ran down the hall As a escort police vessel came into view…